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How to make children happy?

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The analysis

In today’s world, it is difficult to give children a chance to
explore a natural environment and develop resonance with it.
Diverse external stimulation and multiple distractions take them further and further away from their internal source of sensitivity and observation.
There is an increasing need to instill a sense of confidence in themselves to effectively face the challenges of the complex environment around.

Brain plasticity

The mind of a child actually has immense potential, beyond the scope of our imagination! From a spiritual perspective, children are at an advantage over us because of their innocence and the inherent simplicity of their thought and action. From a scientific perspective, they possess a significant strength as well. The neural networks in their brains are flexible and adaptable, with the potential to create new connections and grow in different directions. This is known as brain plasticity.


Our brain has two hemispheres, the right, and the left, each having its own unique set of functions and capabilities.
Both sides of the brain function at their optimal capacity when developed and exercised in equilibrium. However, this is very rare because we predominantly use the left-brain. In order to bring about a balance, the right-brain must be stimulated in childhood, while the plasticity of the brain can still be harnessed.

Why it works ?

A child’s confidence can flourish when he/she develops a strong sense of conviction in his/her intuition. Through exercising the intuitive capacity in a child, he/she also comes to gain a greater sense of trust and patience with himself/ herself.

Teaching children how to learn

The pedagogical tools offered are recognized coherent and effective by neuroscience.

Dance and Motivational Videos

These physical activities are pre-requisite for deeper relaxation

Brain Exercises

Challenging exercises that involve the synchronized movement of both sides of the body.-

Eyeball Exercises

Various eyeball movement is used to exercise the eye muscles

Breathing Exercises

Exercises guiding children to control and be conscious of their breathing

Blindfold Activities

Children are guided to perceive things around them with their eyes closed with blindfolds.

BM Enriching Music

Specially designed music that stimulates both hemispheres of the brain

Our training programs

Children, parents, educational professionals, curious: find the training that suits you

Alpha Discovery

This training course allows us to understand the theoretical aspects of Brighter Minds and experience the activities of Alpha program.
You will discover new tools and methodology to incorporate into your daily life for more harmony.

  • For parents and all those concerned with child development

Alpha Program
250 € online
400 € face-to-face

Through moments of experimentation and exchange, by cognitive activities and exclusive sensory program Brighter Minds, the Alpha program brings children to flourish, with an open heart and a brain properly stimulated.
Innovative program to discover absolutely!

  • For children and youth aged 6 to 15 years

Alpha Program Coach
750 €

This course helps to learn the philosophy proposed by Brighter Minds and control the practice of Alpha activities. This is a combined intensive training in a practical training that leads participants to certification.

  • Reserved for educational professionals (for young people between 6 and 15 years)

Restart program
350 €

Restart is a practical brain training program. Using tools validated by neuroscientific principles, Restart allows us to understand and modify what prevents us from facing the complexity of modern times, while protecting the health of our brain and improving its cognitive capacities. .

  • Reserved for people over 35 years old.

There feedback

5 / 5

I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of exercises, routines that put in motion and discovery as the physical, emotional and mental to open the felt. This training is a journey through several dimensions of our being and that's what I was most amused and interested.

David - Alpha Discovery Training

Origins of the Project

Brighter Minds was developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers (Institute of Bangalore, India): pediatricians, linguists, researchers in educational neuroscience and science teachers.
The project was born of the need to build a better world for future generations, starting now.

+25,000 children and young people have been trained

Present across the world

4 training programs from 6 years over 90 years old

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