août, 2021

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Brighter Minds Restart program is an interesting opportunity for adults to rewind, rewire and restart some aspects of life. Simple modifications in our lifestyle and activities can go a long way in building and maintaining brain health.

In today’s demanding world we face too many challenges, a high amount of information and cognitive load is affecting an individual’s problem analysis capacity and decision making. Increased distractions leading to loss of focus and eventually affecting productivity. Multitasking demands are leading to slow erosion of memory and comprehension capacities. Cognitive biases cause negative emotions and increased stress levels in work and home context often leading to loss of cognitive flexibility. Along with above mentioned challenges nutrition imbalance is also cognition capacities and affecting our way of life. So, it is very much necessary to cultivate a joyous approach to keep the brain healthy and increase cognitive reserve.

The Restart programme brings a practical approach to train brain to cope up with new world challenges. Restart is a brain training program to help individuals to understand and modify lifestyle aspects to protect brain health and enhance cognitive capacity. The participants will learn simple and practical tools that will help improve memory capacity, creative mindset and deal with modern day complexity with a scientific mind set. They will learn key ideas about productivity, problem solving in the context of neuroscientific principles. Restart is a simple way to rediscover the confident, creative, positive, joyous and balanced self within.

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  • Tuesday August 31, 6pm-9pm
  • Tuesday 7, 6pm-9pm
  • Tuesday 14, 6pm-9pm
  • Tuesday 21,  6pm-9pm
  • Friday 1st October 6pm-9pm



Août 31 (Mardi) 18 h 00 min - Octobre 1 (Vendredi) 13 h 00 min

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